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Sunday, June 17, 2007


What a lovely day yesterday! .. I logged into SLExchange and was perusing my items for sale thinking about what to add for sale, when i saw that my men's silks outfit had been RATED ..TWICE even :). It is my first 5 star rating ..err..ratings. How fun is that?!? They should like send you a notice like email used to .."ding - you've been rated!*

I was so excited I kept going back to look at it. I'm sure I'll be crushed at my first one less than 5 stars but for now I feel pretty good.

It comes during a week when someone purchased the same outfit in world and IM'd me to see when I was going to add more like them. So I'm actually busily trying to come up with some new men's silks. The bottoms I can change up easy them being all prim, texturing is soooo much easier in world than using Photoshop .. ..it's the tops that you could spend weeks working on.

But hopefully within the next week I'll have at least 3 new sets out. And I'm actually aiming for 5. But 3 with my new glam gothic outfit for Temptress Falls is probably more realistic. My gothic outfit is sort of at a standstill for the moment. My bottoms are ok but not dynamite, so I'm changing them up. And I'd like to make boots, only I'm not sure how *L* ...so I'm working on that. I will say I'm fairly proud of my stockings though. Give you a sneak peak of those next week.

It's a busy time. I'll show you pictures of the new stuff when it comes out.