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Thursday, August 2, 2007


For those of you wondering what happened to the shop, it's there. Someone (( not me for once)) accidentally on purpose so to speak, set the Wolf Pet Creations part of our land to group objects with auto return, so most of the store and the items in it got sent back to me. I hate it when that happens!! *L* You'd think after the first 2 or 3 times i'd remember to set everything to group wouldn't you?

Anyway, I haven't had a chance to put it all back out. And i just realized today that about 90% of the items inside the store were no longer there. I was concentrating on the outside and my skybox where i build instead of the store itself.

We also decided to expand our land (unrelated to the incident above) so we purchased mucho land in Coulours, so now we (ok, Wolf's House) owns just short of 1/2 the sim, parts of it even connected.

We'd own half but i just can't see paying 9,000 Lindens for a 16 meter plot with 3 prims :) or 14,900 lindens for a 16 meter plot with 7 prims. If you ever have trouble sleeping you can get me started on the evils of people who buy land and then divide it up into 16 meter plots for ads and my tirade will put you to sleep very shortly i'm sure. We purchased up all the reasonably priced, and i use that term loosely, ad plots, joined them back up, then one of our members put trees on all our land we weren't immediately using. Shortly after that Governor Linden and company ((in the form of the Maintenance group)), came in and put trees on the protected land that might someday be a road. Not sure if that meant they liked our trees or what :)

Anyway, since the land right behind the store was part of our purchase, or at least some of it, I am going to move the statues back there into a more park like area i think. So that should look nicer soon.

Other than some new statues, I haven't put much new material out, but i did buy the AV Painter, so that should help with the 30 or 40 items that were "almost" ready except for some tweaking, like an entire line of Gorean Free Men and Women and silks that I haven't managed to get perfect with photoshop. So by the end of August or so expect a great influx of material. I decided to wait until i could release 4 or 5 items in each group at a time. Hopefully you'll think it was worth the wait.