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Friday, November 28, 2008

Zyngo Game Park Mania

I love vacations! It's been so long since I was able to create anything due to offline circumstances, and NO, I wasn't in jail, just super busy with work and family commitments.

The fine folks with the 4096 spot in the corner of the sim who had it for sale for months for what I believed to be an unreasonable price, finally gave it up to a land broker, who gave it up to us for a reasonable price. It was land they outbid me at auction for, i'm sure thinking we'd pony up some big bucks to get it. Patience is forever your ally as one of my favorite people is fond of quoting.

Because of that, you can now ICE SKATE for free at our lovely holiday rink. Will post photo's later when it's finished. Still a work in progress but mega fun to skate in nontheless.

We are back to creating! Have I mentioned I love Zyngo!! This week we added 10 more machines and updated our Zyngo Game Park - and started making Zyngo Skins and accessories. Even if we never sell one, I had the BEST time making them and they make our little game park the epitome of cuteness.

Zyngo Skin Guru of Love

Check out the new zyngo skins and the upgraded look of our Zyngo Park!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

FREE items across the Second Life™ Grid

We are participating in the Red Stick Animation Festival Grid-wide Hunt! Tons of stores are participating from April 12-20. Freebies Galore!!

We will have 3 sticks with freebies hidden around. A Summer Breeze pink capri outfit, an adorable garden statue of kissing cherubs, and whatever strikes my fancy when I set the 3rd one out.

A few of the participating stores: Calla Hair Shapes, Bailers Outfitters, Moonshine, Angelico B Designs, Hellcat Designs, ~flirt~, None of the Above, SecondWave, DDJ Designs, Adorned Fine Jewelry, LaynieWear and SYD, LooLoo's, Paris Dreams, Myth by Cynthia, Fatimas Desire, Philotic Energy, Vixen Hairs, Fabulously Free, Tuli Main Store, The HUb, Topaz SQ, Studio Sidhe, Rose Petal Creations, Seldom Blue, Flipside Piercing, Everyday Girl Boutique, Nuclear Boutique, Hairspray!, Grapevine Shapes & Poses, [Crap] Cotton Candy, Juicy Boardwalk, Nicky Ree Gowns, Ashia Designs, Amber Sands, Devilish Cupcake, Glowing Gems, Aphrodite Creations, Digital Knickers, KessKreations, Twisted Rose, Sweetness, Randem Designs, Magpie, NK, EarthStones, Hopscotch, Ingenue, AE Fashion, enkythings - Shoes, The Diamond Depot and of course Wolf Pet Creations!!

This is going to be FUN!!!! See you at the hunt!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monaco Anyone?

Spring Break ends today for me, and while I didn't get as much done as I want (does one ever?) I did get some things accomplished.

I finally introduced Walk on the Beach, I wanted tops to go with it. We introduced 2 to sell with the cute capri pants with sculpty cuffs!

Ohhhhhh, and speaking of sculpty, I learned how to texture sculpties this week! Why didn't someone tell me how fun that is earlier?? So watch out, I forsee numerous sculpty parts in our future :)

I started with a pair of His and Her cowboy hats for Relay for Life, available separately for $L 50 donations. Make SURE you check our ACS RFL vendor before you buy so you'll know it's an official one. I'd like to keep this blog PG or I'd post what I think about the people ripping those off - slime doesn't even BEGIN to describe them. Make sure you check all vendors you want to donate to and receive a gift, they have a nifty page that pops up with info certifying the vendors this year. Gotta love technology. They will have http://slrfl.net/kiosks/certify at the beginning of the url -with the matching code from the vendor.

And I may have saved the best for last here, hard to say since my creations are somewhat eccletic in genre! We introduced our first bikini, Monaco. It comes in a tri-pack of Cobalt, Lime, and Tango Red, or each color individually for those of you who hate blue or green or red, and you know who you are!

ANDDDDDDD we are offering a spiffy Orange version for FREE just for checking out the store! Careful, the Wolf Gift package with the big red bow will bite you if you miss out on this free offer.

Catch you in game,

Tawney Bian

Sunday, March 16, 2008

And the Winners Are *drum roll please*

Our Wolf Pet Creations Get to Know Us Wolf Hunt is over and we have winners!! We had soooo much fun and we actually had entries!!!! LOTS of them. I was actually quite pleased - and alot of people said they had fun doing it too, so I'm putting this event down as a mission accomplished!

Each participant was assigned a number as they turned in their folders with the wolves, and then we drew 4 numbers from all the entries received. http://www.random.org is the website that generated the numbers.

Our winners were Deana Stawberry - no I didn't leave out the "r" - she's a special no R berry - that's her in the picture up there with her $L One THOUSAND linden dollars check in front of the store. We gave her real lindens too since not too many places take my check in second life.

Corus Ivory won the roll for 1st place and she celebrated her $L 750 winnings with some virtual champagne!

Dominata Iwish was our 2nd place winnner, she can shop til she drops with an extra $L 500.

3rd Place went to Kruz Kumaki, who checked out with $L 250 linden dollars.

Congrats to all the winners and to everyone who participated! We hope y'all had as much fun as we did.

Let's do it again sometime soon!

Wish you well,

Tawney Bian

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lawn Party

Whew! Our first party I will put down to a success in spite of being borked by SL for most of it. Lately SL has been freezing me up and kicking me out. Even after a complete delete and reinstall. Anyway, I took some pictures at the end of the party. Someone remind me to hire a photographer to take pictures when I need pictures. Second Life and I seem to have some sort of Event Photophobia affair going on.

You can see the fabulous stage built by our friend and neighbor Kasolai Nighbor. He builds the cool flintstone inspired cars you can find in my shop. He and Wolf Bain are the ones who fix up the land every time I mess with it - so I'm quite fond of him - plus he changes things up to just the way I like them - like this stage!

You can see the Fairgrounds we set up here. I love fairs. Being able to "ride" fun machines is one reason I love Second Life so very much. I actually loved the carousel from the second I saw it and snapped it up right away - then came the ferris wheel but I just rented the Frisbee - until we get more funds - It's loads of fun! The skydiving from Cubey's rocked too!! I bought the bubble machine so if ya need to borrow them just let me know and I can hook you up. Otherwise I just set the carousel out now and then and ride it myself. Does that make me weird?

From this angle you can see the store just in the background - I love my store, however, it's almost time for a bigger one.

We had so much fun at this party we'll be doing it again. Probably in May or June. We'll have some minor events between now and then - but look for another big one in a couple of months. I made a new years resolution to do one event per quarter.

Thanks to all our new friends who attended, and we hope to see you at the next one!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Two Fashion Shows in Two Weeks

Two fashion shows in two weeks and our big event at Wolf Pet Creations is this week ! I was fairly certain I had moments of insanity and now we know for sure!

I have to say having items you made in a fashion show makes one feel positively fabulous even if they were beginner shows so to speak. What a great time I had, and a learning experience as well.

For the Caledonia show I used items I already had made and up for sale. It was STILL a little hectic but I have to say superbly put on by Candie Rau, Storm Octavia, and Joseph Surface. It was fun and I learned alot about how to both "be" in a show and "put" on a show. Unfortunately I was so excited watching everything that I didn't remember to take photo's.

My friend Lana Shostakovich of Events by Lana was doing a Fashion Show and Art Exhibit at Vincent's Hollow Beach Retreat. Since I'd hired her to run our Lawn Party on March 8th, I said sure I'd love to present something, and that I'd give her 3 outfits for it, a casual, a formal, and a swim suit.

I went back to my skybox and looked around and thought to myself --- "Self, do I make swim suits?" --- and then I went into a modality of panic because the answer was, "Ummm, no, you do not appear to have a single swim suit that you've made anywhere." After much thought and walking around the wrong Vincent sim - I went to the Vincent Van Gogh sim and listening to Starry Starry Night, we have *drum roll please* - Vincent's Hope - my first swim suit creation. After the initial headache of trying to get the little triangle in front to go away (tricky that little triangle) I think I like creating swim suits and plan to make many more.

Unfortunately, this time I DID remember at Vincent Hollow that I needed to take photo's, so I took a "practice" photo to get the folder on the hard drive set up, and "boom" SL crash to desktop. I made it back in time for the finale. Here is Fanch Morgwain in our "Enigma" formal gown at the show.

We think you'll like it the simple elegance of it. You can check it out in world at the store. Well I have to get back to get things ready for the party on Saturday! Come have fun with us!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Caledonia Fashion Show

The Caledonia sim is hosting a Gorean Fashion Show, Saturday, February 22, 2008 at 2 pm SL time. It will be our very first fashion show and I'm very excited! Caledonia is a Gorean role-play sim and is very pretty. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Surface%20Isle/6/232/28/?title=Caledonia%20SLurl
We will be featuring Saffron Night, our latest FW gown, and our first gown with sculpted sleeves and the FW Swirl of Hope gown to ease those winter blues. We are showing our popular men's silks of Tooled Bosk Hide - the Leopard version along with them.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romantic Hearts Treasure Hunt

The Romantic Hearts Treasure Hunt is in full swing!! Visit any of the stores listed in world for landmarks and more information.

The idea for this Treasure Hunt was dreamed up by Arikinui Adria of Nuclear Boutique and she's done all the work arranging everything (the ad to the left, all the hearts, store participation, etc. etc.) and setting up the system for the grand prize drawing. Special thanks to her for opening it up to our participation.

I did the hunt myself. The reason our hearts are NOT hard to find is 1) it's our first in world event like this 2) it went in alphabetical order on the list and many people did the hunt that way (including me) and by the time we got to Wolf Pet Creations we were tired even though it was a blast trying to figure out where everyone hid them. There are some FABULOUS prizes out there folks. Many worth the hunt.

We really enjoyed doing this and are setting up some other events this year, so look for more from us.

The hunt ends February 11th so there is still plenty of time to participate!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Boot Scootin' Fun for Valentine's Day

Yee Haw Y'all !!! My first sculpted cowboy hat is ready just in time for valentine's day.

It has a golden rope, solid gold double hearts, and some fancy peacock feathers for luck and love !!

Get your Western on and hit those clubs for some boot scootin' fun.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy 2008

It already seems that 2008 is rocking on by. I went to the KingBilly concert in Second Life last night and it was Fabulous. They really rock the country so to speak. You can check out their concert stage and hotel in Second Life and their MySpace page. You can purchase their singles to play in SL or purchase their CD with lindens. It's a great idea!!

I had a photoshop lightbulb moment today so expect some better clothing from me in the future, although I still prefer simple items. I have also put out a few new Gorean FW dresses in Sardar Fair and in the shop at Coulours, some new statue cut-outs, and discovered how to make the logs surrounding the dance pit at our Kamchak's Wagon Fantasy Suite do the poses that I wanted them to do - so improvements all around today. I love days like that. Now if I could ever figure out sculpties we'll be in business :)

Tomorrow we Celebrate MLK's birthday. Share the dream.