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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy 2008

It already seems that 2008 is rocking on by. I went to the KingBilly concert in Second Life last night and it was Fabulous. They really rock the country so to speak. You can check out their concert stage and hotel in Second Life and their MySpace page. You can purchase their singles to play in SL or purchase their CD with lindens. It's a great idea!!

I had a photoshop lightbulb moment today so expect some better clothing from me in the future, although I still prefer simple items. I have also put out a few new Gorean FW dresses in Sardar Fair and in the shop at Coulours, some new statue cut-outs, and discovered how to make the logs surrounding the dance pit at our Kamchak's Wagon Fantasy Suite do the poses that I wanted them to do - so improvements all around today. I love days like that. Now if I could ever figure out sculpties we'll be in business :)

Tomorrow we Celebrate MLK's birthday. Share the dream.