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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Apparently I suck at blogging. Actually offline work has just been so busy and crazy I haven't had as much time as I'd like to devote to either building, creating, or blogging. Maybe those lottery numbers will come up soon :)

We've had quite a few changes in and around the store. I added a ton of new statues or cut-outs around the holiday themes, Halloween and now Christmas, new free women gowns, and most importantly the PERFECT Men's T-shirt. I know this because - 1. Wolf said it was and 2. A French gentlemen bought one and declared " that's perfect!"

Our friend Kasolai created some highly detailed and accurate Stone Age cars inspired by the Flintstones and they are available in my shop and around Second Life as well.

I wish you all the happiest of Holidays and Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


For those of you wondering what happened to the shop, it's there. Someone (( not me for once)) accidentally on purpose so to speak, set the Wolf Pet Creations part of our land to group objects with auto return, so most of the store and the items in it got sent back to me. I hate it when that happens!! *L* You'd think after the first 2 or 3 times i'd remember to set everything to group wouldn't you?

Anyway, I haven't had a chance to put it all back out. And i just realized today that about 90% of the items inside the store were no longer there. I was concentrating on the outside and my skybox where i build instead of the store itself.

We also decided to expand our land (unrelated to the incident above) so we purchased mucho land in Coulours, so now we (ok, Wolf's House) owns just short of 1/2 the sim, parts of it even connected.

We'd own half but i just can't see paying 9,000 Lindens for a 16 meter plot with 3 prims :) or 14,900 lindens for a 16 meter plot with 7 prims. If you ever have trouble sleeping you can get me started on the evils of people who buy land and then divide it up into 16 meter plots for ads and my tirade will put you to sleep very shortly i'm sure. We purchased up all the reasonably priced, and i use that term loosely, ad plots, joined them back up, then one of our members put trees on all our land we weren't immediately using. Shortly after that Governor Linden and company ((in the form of the Maintenance group)), came in and put trees on the protected land that might someday be a road. Not sure if that meant they liked our trees or what :)

Anyway, since the land right behind the store was part of our purchase, or at least some of it, I am going to move the statues back there into a more park like area i think. So that should look nicer soon.

Other than some new statues, I haven't put much new material out, but i did buy the AV Painter, so that should help with the 30 or 40 items that were "almost" ready except for some tweaking, like an entire line of Gorean Free Men and Women and silks that I haven't managed to get perfect with photoshop. So by the end of August or so expect a great influx of material. I decided to wait until i could release 4 or 5 items in each group at a time. Hopefully you'll think it was worth the wait.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


What a lovely day yesterday! .. I logged into SLExchange and was perusing my items for sale thinking about what to add for sale, when i saw that my men's silks outfit had been RATED ..TWICE even :). It is my first 5 star rating ..err..ratings. How fun is that?!? They should like send you a notice like email used to .."ding - you've been rated!*

I was so excited I kept going back to look at it. I'm sure I'll be crushed at my first one less than 5 stars but for now I feel pretty good.

It comes during a week when someone purchased the same outfit in world and IM'd me to see when I was going to add more like them. So I'm actually busily trying to come up with some new men's silks. The bottoms I can change up easy them being all prim, texturing is soooo much easier in world than using Photoshop .. ..it's the tops that you could spend weeks working on.

But hopefully within the next week I'll have at least 3 new sets out. And I'm actually aiming for 5. But 3 with my new glam gothic outfit for Temptress Falls is probably more realistic. My gothic outfit is sort of at a standstill for the moment. My bottoms are ok but not dynamite, so I'm changing them up. And I'd like to make boots, only I'm not sure how *L* ...so I'm working on that. I will say I'm fairly proud of my stockings though. Give you a sneak peak of those next week.

It's a busy time. I'll show you pictures of the new stuff when it comes out.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Logging in to Second Life

I logged into second life and went ..wow, i made money. How fun is that? Not alot you understand -- but enough to go, wow, where'd that come from :) All very exciting. Pays for club DJ tipping for the weekend anyway. And that is after all the ultimate goal, to pay for Second Life fun.

I bought some more land in the sim, that may be all I get to buy as land is going faster there. But it's enough for our purposes at the moment anyway. We won't talk about how much that cost. Suffice to say we need about 2 years of sales at todays new high to make up for it *L*

Someone asked ..so Tawney, what are your 3 items? Good point. They are on the other blog, located here http://www.bloglines.com/blog/TawneyBian ... Hey! this makes us a store with few clothes, many statues, and 2 blogs. Long story. I hope to consolodate into 1 website soon.

For now ...see Checked Out in Hot Pink.

I opened two satellite stores too ..one in Temptress Falls, one of my favorite sims and one in Sala Mall because that was where my first store with no inventory was *L* and Allana was very patient about it.

See you there!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Greetings and Welcome, Now why you ask would someone with only 3 basic items to sell in their store start a blog? Or for that matter a store on Second Life? Well, the reason for the store is probably simple - I love setting things up, the gathering, the learning, the seeking out perfect things. This is in fact my 3rd attempt at this whole store adventure. The first two were beautiful setups with no inventory because it took ALOT ..let me say this again ..ALOT longer to learn how to build things than I thought it was going to take. Not to mention my general tendancy to try to do everything at once without doing any one thing well.

So this time I actually made a few things before I opened. I've since discarded most of those as needing more work.

I wanted the store to have a some character if you will. I previewed 9 million, 225 thousand, 998 prefabs sold in Second Life and tried building my own about double that many times. I confess that I suck at building buildings. I mean I just can't. I can decorate, I can texture, I can do all kinds of things except the actual building of the building. And since I was in a linden cash flow crisis so to speak, I bought a prefab. A fabulous one from the fine folks over at Memo. located in Second Life at Raffaello 29, 208, 21. Mindy Enfiled even came to the land to preview a few of their prefab options to see if they would fit. She spent alot of time with me for the price. I believe Michael Oconner actually built it but Mindy definitely sold me on it.

I'm actually semi proud of the courtyard and yard area - it is level, no thanks to me ...any leveling, arranging things symetrically or math required for arrangement purposes I beg Wolf Bain to do. He's the Wolf behind the Wolf part of the name, which makes me the Pet part so to speak.

It still needs some work, the courtyard, the store ..the products will come faster as time goes on.

Here's our first SLURL ..if I figure out how to do more to it I will ...but for now ..


Anyway, welcome to my Wolf Pet Creations adventure.