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Friday, November 28, 2008

Zyngo Game Park Mania

I love vacations! It's been so long since I was able to create anything due to offline circumstances, and NO, I wasn't in jail, just super busy with work and family commitments.

The fine folks with the 4096 spot in the corner of the sim who had it for sale for months for what I believed to be an unreasonable price, finally gave it up to a land broker, who gave it up to us for a reasonable price. It was land they outbid me at auction for, i'm sure thinking we'd pony up some big bucks to get it. Patience is forever your ally as one of my favorite people is fond of quoting.

Because of that, you can now ICE SKATE for free at our lovely holiday rink. Will post photo's later when it's finished. Still a work in progress but mega fun to skate in nontheless.

We are back to creating! Have I mentioned I love Zyngo!! This week we added 10 more machines and updated our Zyngo Game Park - and started making Zyngo Skins and accessories. Even if we never sell one, I had the BEST time making them and they make our little game park the epitome of cuteness.

Zyngo Skin Guru of Love

Check out the new zyngo skins and the upgraded look of our Zyngo Park!