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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chill Coba wins with 110,400 Points!!

Wow I really do suck at blogging consistently! ... Now that we have that gem of the obvious out of the way, here's life in Second Life and offline.

The fabulous man who owns me hasn't been coming to second life much due to a serious work and personal offline schedule so you'd THINK i'd have more time huh? ... sadly, not the case.

In the last month or three :) the Zyngo Game Park has seen some slow but steady growth ... which is improving traffic to the just short of the 3K range. That's real traffic by the way, no bots ....I know it seems small potatoes in the grand scheme of things but hey, it's a start.....

Our $4L play to win a part of $200+ lindens contest board is becoming quite the popular event! .... This board pays out every 2 1/2 hours. I put up the first $200L and $2L from every play increases the pot. Chill Coba won this round with our highest score ever! ..I didn't even know they went that high!

I am still making zyngo skins, though primarily for holiday type things. I made the Luck o' the Irish skin the day before St. Patrick's Day - and we were ..well lucky to get that out prior to the date! I must not be the only one running behind because we actually SOLD one the day after! A avatar after my own heart!

I DO have one Easter Skin up, boxed, and ready to go! .. i feel soo almost normal to have something out a couple weeks or so in advance!

I've sketched out designs for 5 more, 3 Easter and 2 spring . Now we'll see if I get them done!

Catch me at the park if you like!

Until next time,