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Sunday, May 10, 2009

and the Wolf smells a Hunt

*quivers in anticipation* soon the Hunt will be on .....


Saturday, May 9, 2009

On one hand .....

On one hand it's been that kind of week. First I was off work, then I wasn't. Offline things were going great then I went to the dentist. That'll ruin your week fast. I started a great (if I do say so myself) line of zyngo skins called "In the Wyld!" but haven't finished because I'm stuck on ...you ready? ... the Wolf version. Now HOW could that possibly be hard for me?

I upgraded the zyngo game park to include Deal Classic and Deal Extreme, Jaded 5 card kickers, some new Zyngo Freeplay machines, AND Solitaire! How many languages can you say broke in?

Zyngo de Mayo didn't quite have the peppiness I expected, but I didn't start marketing it soon enough either. Soooo ..be ready for next year!

Today I made the new Banner Logo you see up above. Now once we discover the secret to getting it placed just right we'll be good to go.

Blogger is user friendly if you are using the standard layout. I still haven't figured out why they leave so much room on the edges? Why is that? Anyone know? I actually LOOKED for an answer to that earlier this week and must of been using an incorrect search term because I can't find a post to explain it.

Okay, back to the Wolf skin ... or maybe a swim suit ..or some ..where IS that new store of mine?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Unexpected Vacations - Unexpected Fun

My offline birthday was last week, and I purchased myself a new flat screen LCD monitor. Wide screen. BIG! Well, okay, 23 inches. But that's BIG compared to what I had. It was HARD to buy something like that when I had a perfectly fine, if unwieldy and clunky but worked okay old monitor. It was ALOT easier to justify once I plugged it in :)

Thanks to the H1N1 Virus I have an unexpected vacation for 9 work days. I was going to drive over and "grab some work and go" today but they said they wouldn't let us in the building. So here I am with unexpected time on my hands.

Last night while I was pondering how to texture the sombrero I'm going to give away to the group for Cinco de Mayo, I got an invite (via a group I'm in, not a personal one) to a rez day party for Teague Linden. Since any party I've been to with a "linden" present was super fun I put on some dancing shoes and went on over. Nexeas Fatale was DJing his Thursday night dance party that turned into Friday morning and I had a blast dancing the night away - right up until I crashed, which happened MUCH later than I expected so all was good! I must say people in Second Life know how to party!

The new store is going to be GREAT! Here is a small preview of the general layout. It's going to have arched windows and a sunroof type roof. Kasolai Nighbor is building it for us. The hardest thing will be NOT to bug him since I'm on an unexpected vacation and will be in world alot. I should be making clothes and tattoos to fill it up - I better get to work!

See ya in world!