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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Islands and Patience

Miscalculation is a bad thing.

Second Life opened up it's move to Zindra on June 29th and since we had decided to go the island route I didn't really work to get my ticket in early because I thought - 1) hey ..i'm giving the bottom line of LL an extra $250 up front and an extra $100 a month or $1200 a year ($3495 a year total), they'll like that beacuse hey! that's a definite profit for a what .. a $400? computer .. IP address ..etc .. and 2) it has a different classification under the tickets and after all how many folks could be going the island route?

So now it's July 7th - my $250 is still in my account and we have no island. Maybe a zillion people wanted islands and they had to order more servers.

I'm "turning on my patience" or "practicing my patience" as we tell the little ones in my family.

And I'm laughing .. at who i'm not sure .. probably myself .. BUT

I have managed to read 4 decent books .. go 11 plus levels in Everquest on an old SK i had there (I'm at Wolf's so we play together ) and make about 30K plat in EQ -

I should be making clothes for SL or zyngo skins or something but I'm having fun doing other things and once that darn island finally magically appears we are going to be having tons of fun setting it up ...

So I'll wait ..and try to do it patiently.

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