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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Short Straw

The last couple of weeks I've been hitting up various Lindens and their offices hours to help us decide which option we want to pursue on the whole .. stay or move ..and if move where to issue we have.

If you haven't been to Blondin or Blue's office hours I highly recommend them. I usually don't get to go because of work, but because we are off for a bit, I've been teleporting my avatar self just about everywhere.

The array of people attending ... and their opinions and downright tenacity is truly amazing. The amount of somewhat passive agressive crap Blondin and Blue at least pretend to put up with is staggering. I'm probably guilty of some of it myself.

It's been loads of fun though. I hope they find it somewhat amusing as well even if they did draw the short straw on the deal.

See you in world,


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