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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins...Errr..I Mean Checks!

I downloaded the new preview of the proposed Second Life viewer they made available for testing today - because I'm getting my "Click It to Pick It" .. "It's Your World - choose ALL of it" adult content consumer education campaign ready and I wanted to see for myself how it was going to work. I'm a see for myself kinda chick :)

Soooo ...I go to preferences before logging in and under "Ratings" .. which is in the general tab so easy to find ... and the statement is:

I want to access content rated: PG only is checked AND I can't choose anything else. I think to myself, "Mhmmm." {for real}

I log in.

Once in world I WAS able to go back to preferences and look at ratings, and now my options are not grayed out. I can choose between PG Only, PG and Mature, and my favorite - PG, Mature, and Adult. I clicked apply and "Ah Ha!" we were good to go. {for real}

Then I pulled up search. In the All search tab I selected PG Content, Mature Content right below it, and Adult Content right below that and played around a bit, finding myself - if only it was that easy offline :)

Then I went to the Classifieds tab - another "Mhmm?mmm" {for real} .. I am only checked for PG Content. So I check Mature Content. Then check Adult content.

And Move Along --

SAME story on Events, (no options on Showcase), Land Sales, Places, (no options on People), and Groups. EVERYTIME I moved to a new tab I have to check Mature and Adult.

Sooooooo .... in Preferences I have to choose I want to view mature and adult content before I get to search, THEN on SIX tabs I have to specifically choose Mature and Adult Content before I can "see" them.

7 Deadly Sins = 7 Deadly Checks ...(ok 13 if you count checking both mature and adult) but you get the idea.

Shoot, in some places I'm not even committing ONE deadly sin by being an adult, much less all 7.

Now they are just starting to amuse the heck out of me :)

Wish you well & i'll see you in world!

Tawney Bian,

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