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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun with Age Verification - is it dishonest? disrespectful?

Ah yes, now that the new Second Life viewer is online and the Zindra continent preview is in full swing it's time to think about the whole age verification issue.

First off, I really don't get the whole Aristostle will have my info and dispurse it issue. I kinda go on the theory that NOTHING is secret - whether that is first or second life :) Now there may be things people don't know but it's not because the information is not out there.

Soo -the powers that be at SL have assured us that payment info on file is enough to access adult places and they are correct about that - BUT once i discovered that if the land owner checked the allow only age verified box I COULDN'T go to their parcel .. then i DID age verify Tawney Bian, and i used my real info. So now I'm age verified and payment info verified and the only way you can keep me out of your space is a group only tag or a ban!

BUT I got to thinking, from a "we do want customers to find us" and what if THEY don't want to give their real info to verify standpoint we have the whole - CAN you REALLY age verify with dead people's info?

Well .. my alt ..... err... i ain't saying one way or another!

However, hypothetically speaking ...

This IS for SL afterall ... lets at least be creative about it folks!

Step 1: Social Security Death Index - if you use the ADVANCED feature ..you can pick somewhere you always wanted to live for example and the age you wish you were ... the possibilties for creativity are endless.

Step 2: maybe choose the name you WISH your parents had given you .. an enemies first name .. an old lover's last .. a childhood friend .. see .. amazing possibilities!

Step 3. White Pages - you can use the zip code and name info to get a street address ..

Step 4: hypothetically speaking i didn't even check the box that wanted me to say it was true and correct info .. though legally it IS true and correct ... it doesn't ask if it's YOUR info .. but it verified my alt anyway .. well .. it WOULD have .. had i done it that way you know.

Sooooooo ... questions remain:

Is it disrespectful to the dead person you don't know or does it give them a "second chance" to live?

Is it dishonest to age verify with someone else's info or because the info IS correct does that make a difference? What about if you didn't click the "this info is true box?"

Does it matter whose info you use if you really ARE an adult in the first place?

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